About Visual Succulence

Why the name 'Visual Succulence'?


This site originally emerged as a way to combine two of my interests: growing and breeding succulent plants, and visual arts (both photography and digital arts). You'll still find succulent plants and their flowers featured amongst some of the folios here - most prominently in the Abstract, Floral and Macro series.


Of course, the images are not exclusively of succulents, there's a variety of other topics - landscapes, other plants, animals, and purely abstract images and composites. I hope you'll find something you like.


Who is Michael Fotheringham?


I've long been interested in visual arts, and have dabbled in various forms of electronic media, sculpture, and mixed media before settling into photography.


I'm based in Melbourne, Australia.


'Selection not Collection'


Putting this website together, I've followed the 'selection not collection' principle - that is, I've included a selection of pieces that represent the type of work I do. I have not included every piece I've made. Think of the site as a brochure, not a catalogue.


What all that means is that if you see some images you like, or the style of something here appeals to you, but the image is not quite what you're after, contact me, because I might have just the thing...




I'm also available to work on commissioned pieces, on a limited basis. This can usually be arranged by email. Contact me if you have something in mind.